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exchange tasks or notes sync via activesync

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    mike shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Have not seen any update on this very much needed feature. I like the UI compared to the other tasks apps but it has to sync with Exchange.

      • mcdunne100 commented  · 

        Agreed - As soon as you release Taskos to synchronise with outlook tasks your user numbers will rocket!

      • Bud commented  · 

        Please implement this soon! Android needs an Exchange Tasks solution (please support Exchange 2003)

      • Etienne commented  · 

        This is a much requested feature and would make TaskOS stand out of the crowd. So go!

      • Nish commented  · 

        I'd REALLY like to use this!
        I'd use google tasks if I wasn't sharing/assigning tasks through our corporate exchange.

        Would also be very handy if this could be cross platform?
        -> Our snr managers are issued iPhones, but most private phones here use Android.

      • Oldrich commented  · 

        Would love to have this feature. Most. By the way, the gtasks synchro failed and pissed me royally, generated hundreds of duplicates. Twenty minutes of my life wasted in deleting that rubbish. Seriously considered uninstalling at that moment.

      • tdou commented  · 

        I really like this app and have used it for about 6 months. Now I've added activesync to the mix. Anyway, if I can't sync with TaskOS I'm going to look for another app and I really don't want to......So let's get it done!

      • Suz commented  · 

        I really like this app but really need an outlook/ exchange sync for work. I don't use google tasks-why would I if I use exchange? Anyway, please put this on the top of the list!!!! No single use app does tasks with the degree of finesse that TaskOS does. We'd pay $$ for it! Really, this not having this feature is losing you money!

      • Warren Olfert commented  · 

        I need Exchange syncing desperately with my new Android phone. Help!

      • Wendy commented  · 

        When do you expect to sync with Outlook and Outlook Exchange? That's huge!

      • Siva commented  · 

        Nice app. Exchange server support will highly be appreciated.

      • Bry commented  · 

        Taskos is a great app that works great with my Gmail task list. However, I use the task list on my exchange system more that my Gmail. It would be great if Taskos could work with exchange.

      • gbravo commented  · 

        I have my task list in MS Outlook, it would be nice if Taskos get synchronize with it

      • Susan commented  · 

        I love my EVO but I need task sync with my companies exchange server in addition to keeping up with my yahoo personal account. I've downloaded Touchdown trial and I hate that it a single client mail product and that its a battery drain. I really like Taskos. I know its listed in the future enhancements. Do you have timeline on the exchange sync?

      • Daniel Park commented  · 

        Task managing has always been a struggle for me, and considering everything i do is run off an exchange server linked to many pc's, this feature would really help me sort myself out!

      • Mars commented  · 

        I've been searching for a Task app that will sync with my company's Exchange server. I like the stock Exchange ActiveSync clients for Contacts and Calendar, and don't want to go to Touchdown just for Tasks (plus Touchdown doesn't let you group by Category - which I need) Thanks for listening.

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